"A customer has rung in to say how excellent she thinks the instructions are for this Lakeland product . She has not bought anything for a while where the instructions have been so clear, well thought-through and easy to understand, and wanted to thank us. "

Carly Bullock, Electrical Buyer, Lakeland

Working with Lakeland on substantial digital projects

Lakeland app, Trends, Idea Generation , Recipe Writing.


We have been lucky enough to work with Lakeland for a number of years now in other areas of their business and we were approached by their  App team initially to help them check recipes they were putting on their App and make sure they were accurate, simple to follow and gave good results.  The team’s input grew and now Jane sits down with the App team and the company responsible for all the wonderful photography and building the app  and plans the content to make use of the latest products, give customers great inspiration from different themes they feature, keep customers ahead of trends and create a range of easy to replicate ideas.


There are over 50 recipes in each App so once the themes have been agreed Jane then briefs her team of recipe developers ( usually they each work on a different theme) and then organises all the equipment each of them will need and they then work to a set system to ensure the writing style of all the recipes is the same and the team are all working to the same measurements, cooking temperatures etc .  Once the team have completed the recipes, Jane proof reads them all , follows up on any queries and then sends them on to the stylists to use for the shoots.  She liaises with the stylists on any queries they have or any changes they make to things like finished decoration and then the recipes along with the contact photos are referred back to the original recipe writer to do a final check for accuracy.


From there they go to a Lakeland proof reader who again sense checks,  raises any queries and tweaks them to ensure Lakeland style of writing is constant.  Then they get put  onto the App so customers can cook with confidence, some inspirational recipes and know they will get great results because of the combination of great equipment, tools and gadgets and well tested robust recipes.


The whole team loves working on them, as keen cooks we all have an unstoppable Lakeland buying habit so we have no shortage of great ideas about what to do with the products.