"Thank you so much. Great feedback, people really enjoyed listening to an expert talking about food with such passion and good humour.”

Marian Connolly, What If Innovation

 MacTavish West


We are  regularly asked to work with businesses at different stages in their NPD ( New Product Development)  process . often, they are looking for external support because they have reached a blockage in the process. Sadly sometimes we can see that they have not carried out their work in  a logical order so they may have incurred costs they could have avoided, they may have to repeat work after they have established other facts or they may have produced product without having any customers ready to buy.  ( we have a diagram on our  site that shows people the best order to work in if they are developing a product and looking to have someone else make it, the process is the same if you are developing a product to make it yourself-take a look   HERE


Jane was asked by Hazel McTavish West, a colleague based in Australia to speak at a conference in Tasmania in August 2014.  She could not travel there because of other work commitments so her talk was filmed and shown to 100 businesses at the conference.  It will be used again in November 2014 and in spring of 2015 Jane will be in Australia working with some businesses who are now keen to get her help with their NPD , and others who are keen to export to the UK and European markets.