"Visiting the Speciality & Fine Food Fair and meeting Jane Milton were two best things that happen to my business this year.

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event"

Agne Dulinskaite   Agneshkel Ltd

Working with Deboah Meaden on successful brands

Proper Maid


When Deborah Meaden met Allison Whitmarsh on Dragon’s Den she was impressed by her range of handmade cakes with an innovative twist  for cafes, tea rooms and hotels and saw the potential of Allison and the business.


Deborah asked Jane to get involved and  help with strategy, business development and connecting them to the right markets and people within those markets.


Initially Jane connected them with experts on factory layout at the Manufacturing Advisory Service and workflow experts too so they could streamline their production and give themselves extra capacity for expansion.   Then she helped them identify markets and opportunities and also look at raising the profile of the business through marketing, PR and social media.


Jane connects regularly to Allison the MD to monitor the food side of the business and to help and advise her on the direction of growth for the business and she will continue to be involved as long as Deborah Meaden is involved with Propermaid.